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Daniel McBride 1766-1823

Samuel McBride_______Margaret Brown
Daniel McBride

Daniel McBride was born September 13, 1766, in Stillwater, Albany, New York. His parents were Samuel McBride and Margaret Brown. He was the oldest child from a family of eight, his siblings being: Mary, James, Samuel, John, Nancy, Betsy and Martha.

He married Abigail Mead in 1787 in Stillwater, New York. They had nine children:
John January 5, 1788
Samuel August 25, 1789
Daniel March 19, 1791
James July 9, 1793
Margaret Ann June 1, 1794
Hyrum November 5, 1798
Cyrus Gideon August 17, 1800
Reuben June 16, 1803
Martha March 17, 1805

Daniel was a Campbellite minister and this religion appealed to all of his family. They considered it as being the nearest to the primitive Plan of Salvation, as taught by Jesus Christ, as any of the churches that existed in his lifetime. He often remarked to Abigail, as they returned from church (after preaching his usual Sunday sermon), "There is something lacking. I feel that I have not the authority. If I could only say to the people, "Thus saith the Lord!"

Daniel McBride died September 1, 1823, in Leroy, Genesee, New York.

This record was compiled from the Daughters of the Pioneers Archives in June 2001 by Louise Crandall Huefner and Rebecca Huefner Chapman.

Another record found on but with no author's name given.

Reverend Daniel McBride (1766-1823), itinerant minister who was born in Stillwater, Albany (later Saratoga), New York, and his wife, Abigail Mead (1770-1854), of Dutchess County, New York.

Daniel McBride was an itinerant minister who was born in Stillwater, Albany (now Saratoga) County, New York in 1766 and died in LeRoy, Genesee County, New York in 1823.

Daniel McBride was the son of Samuel McBride, who was born in County Antrim, Ireland and emigrated to Upstate New York in the mid 1700s along with at least two of Samuel's brothers, John and James McBride. Samuel McBride married Margaret Brown, whose sister Sarah married William Cooper. Members of the McBride family were directly affected, if not involved, in the Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga. Information on these other McBride and Brown family members is also included here.

Daniel McBride married Abigail Mead, who was born in 1770 in Dutchess County, New York. She descended from the Quaker Mead and Fiske families of Fairfield County, Connecticut. Abigail joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1833, almost 10 years after Daniel's death, as did most of their 9 children, and, after living in Kirtland, Ohio and Nauvoo, Illinois, emigrated to Utah in 1847, one of the oldest persons to cross the plains to Utah in that first settlement year. She died and was buried in Ogden, Weber, Utah in 1854.

Descendants of the Daniel McBride and Abigail Mead family include:

  • The first person to have been baptized in the Nauvoo Temple baptismal font (son Reuben McBride);
  • One of the polygamous wives of LDS Church founder and prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., and of Heber Chase Kimball (daughter Martha McBride, widow of presiding bishop Vinson Knight);
  • A member of the Mormon Battalion that marched from Kanesville, Iowa to San Diego, California during the Mexican-American War (grandson Harlum McBride);
  • An LDS missionary who was killed by Indians at Fort Lemhi in Oregon Territory (now Idaho) (grandson George McBride);
  • Two granddaughters, first cousins, who were both married polygamously to Gilbert Belnap (Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride);
  • Two grandchildren, first cousins, who married Lot Smith and Abiah Ann Smith, brother and sister (Lydia Minerva McBride and George McBride);
  • A granddaughter who apostatized from the LDS Church after being asked by Hyrum Smith, brother of Joseph Smith, to be his plural wife; she later married Sylvester B. Stoddard, owner of the restored tinsmith shop now standing in historic Nauvoo, Illinois (Almira Knight).

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