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Myron Newton Crandall 1865-1903

Myron Newton Crandall 1865-1903
Grant LaSalle Crandall 1800-1970
John David Crandall

Myron Newton Crandall was born November 29, 1865, in Springville, Utah, Utah. His parents were Spicer Wells Crandall and Susannah Wimmer. He was the second child from a family of seven, his siblings being: Tryphena Elizabeth, Anna Marie, Peter Wells, Martha Lillian, Margaret Almeda, and George Alma.

When he was thirteen years old his father died. When he was a little older, Myron worked and took care of his mother and his younger siblings. He had a farm that he worked, even though he did not like farming.

Myron took a business course and he had the reputation of being very exact and neat with his books and figures. He was often called "the professor" by his associates. He was honest and very reliable in his judgements.

He and his older half-brother, John, started a construction company called Crandall Brothers Construction Company. He worked away from home most of the time on railroad construction work, making grades and tunnels.

To help support the family, Myron's mother took in boarders. In the early 1890's, one of these boarders was Agnes Lewis who had come to teach school. Here, Myron and Agnes met and fell in love.

Even though he had originally been baptized in 1878, the records had been lost and he was rebaptized on February 10, 1895, in preparation for his marriage.

Myron Newton Crandall married Agnes Lewis on February 13, 1865, in the Manti Temple. Myron and his brother, John, had bought a home in Springville for their mother. This was where Myron and Agnes lived the first four years of their marriage.

He and his wife had five children: Newton Glen, November 12, 1895; Spicer Lewis, June 26, 1897; Grant LaSalle, March 17, 1899; Frederick Lewis, September 12, 1901; and Camille, September 29, 1903, who was born six weeks after her father died.

He received a contract with the Diamond Match Company to construct the railroad in Chico, California. Agnes, with their four boys, went to Chico to join her husband for the winter. When the family arrived, Myron was supposed to be there to meet the incoming train. Instead, Agnes was told that "Newt" had suddenly become very ill with "an upset stomach." Within a few days he died; his appendix had ruptured. Agnes and the children accompanied his body, on the train, for the return trip home.

Myron Newton Crandall died August 13, 1903, in Chico, Butte, California. He is buried in the Springville Evergreen Cemetary next to his wife.

This record was compiled from the Daughters of the Pioneers Archives in June 2001 by Louise Crandall Huefner and Rebecca Huefner Chapman.

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