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Elizabeth Hendricks 1808-1879

William Hendricks_____________Margaret Buck

Elizabeth Hendricks was born November 6, 1808 in Randolph, North Carolina. Her parents were William Hendricks and Margaret Buck. She was the oldest child from a family of fourteen, her siblings being: John, Michael, Samuel, David, Joseph, Susannah, Christopher, Mary, William, Elijah, child, Roderick, and child.

Her mother died around the same time the last baby was born.

Elizabeth married John P. Wimmer on February 5, 1828, in New Castle, Henry, Indiana. Her first four children were born in New Castle: Margaret, May 24, 1829; Elizabeth, December 22, 1831; Martha Ellen, December 20, 1832; and Susannah, December 20, 1834.

Elizabeth was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in August of 1836. Because of the persecution of the "Mormons" , the family moved to Illinois. While in Illinois, Elizabeth had three more children; William, January 6, 1840, in Lisbon; Peter, March 23, 1842, in Columbus; and Julietta, December 23, 1845 in Nauvoo.

From Nauvoo, the family was driven into Iowa with the rest of the Saints and lived in Winter Quarters until 1850. They came west with the Stephen Markham Company, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on November 1. Elizabeth gave birth to her youngest child, Rebecca, that day.

John P. and Elizabeth took out their endowments on March 23, 1852 in the Endowment House; they were sealed the same day.

They moved to Springville, Utah, where she helped take care of her husband's parents, Peter and Elizabeth Shirley Wimmer. After they died, John P. and Elizabeth moved to Parowan to be near their son, Peter. Later John P. and Elizabeth moved to Fairview, Utah, to be near their daughter, Margaret.

Elizabeth's husband, John P., died on April 22, 1876, in Fairview.

Elizabeth Hendricks Wimmer died September 7, 1879, in Glen Cove, Sevier, Utah. She is buried in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, in the Fairview Pioneer Cemetary next to her husband.

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